Children’s Science Parties

Be the talk of the playground with our brilliant fun Children’s Science Parties. Choose from our unique science themes to create a party that everyone will remember. At our science parties, all your guests experience science hands-on, and there are plenty of mementos to make and take home, such as bottled dreams, skele-goo and bath bombs, depending on the theme you choose – so that’s the party bags sorted too! Awesome!

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Key features

  • The science party entertainment lasts for about an hour and a quarter.
  • Price is £175 for the first 10 children, then its £5 per additional child.
  • Price includes our standard party bags (the things the children make, such as lava lamps, bath bombs etc). You can add our extra special science kits to the party bag if you like (details below).
  • We are mobile and can come to any venue in Devon and beyond, including your home, village hall, garden etc!
  • As our parties are hands-on for the children and not just a science “show”, we ideally need tables for them to work from, but we can use the floor if necessary.
  • Outside space would be great for a couple of the demonstrations that the birthday child helps with. If this is not possible, don’t worry we will substitute with another great activity.
  • Lab coats and goggles provided.

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Pick a theme!

All these parties are approximately an hour and a quarter duration. Choose a theme and click the “Make an Enquiry” button below to give us your preferred dates, number of children and venue. We will send you a quote and answer any questions you may have.

1) Devine Slime: Learn how to make slime with the experts: floam, fluffy, butter, unicorn, galaxy & more! Children take home the slimes they make as their party bag. You can upgrade the party bag (see below).

2) Magical Potter Potions: Craft a magic wand, then follow recipes to create Potter styled potions. Children take home their wand, Skele-goo & bubbling lava lamp for their party bags. You can upgrade the party bag (see below).

3) Crazy Chemistry: A mini science show followed by several brilliant chemistry experiments which fizz, pop & bang! Children take home their lava lamps, slime and bath bomb for their party bags. You can upgrade the party bag (see below).

4) Roald Dahl: After the mini science show we bring George’s Marvellous Medicine, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory and The BFG to life with chemistry. Children take home their Bottled Dreams, Snozzcumber Juice (slime) and Rainbow Skittles for their party bags. You can upgrade the party bag (see below).

5) Beauty: We start with a rainbow science show, then children make colourful soap, bubbling potions, glittery slime & scented bath bombs to take home for their party bags. You can upgrade the party bag (see below).

6) BESPOKE party? We have tweaked our parties to suit other themes as requested by customers, so if you fancy a Space, Superhero, Seaside or any other theme, just ask because we love to get creative.

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Party bag upgrade or birthday child gift?

All our parties come with the standard party bags included – the things the children make during the entertainment. What they make depends on the theme but they will take at least 3 items home with them, this is included in the basic party price.

There is the option to upgrade the party bags for all the guests or to get something extra-special for the birthday child.

Experimenters Science Kit Party Bag  –  £3 each

photo to follow

A bag of 3 science toys/activities to take home (in addition to the standard party bag): Rainbow Skittles experiment, a pair of rainbow diffraction glasses and a glow stick.


Explorer’s Lab Kit Party Bag  –  £6 each
lab kit contents
A cool bundle of science equipment for your budding scientist. Includes litmus paper, filter paper, funnel, beakers, measuring cylinder, test tubes, petri dish, forceps. Useful with the free science experiments download beneath.


Bath Bomb Kit Party Bag  –  £9 each

Makes 5 bath bombs. Includes ingredients, colours, gloves, tools, moulds & pots.


Slime Kit Party Bag  –  £9 each
slime kit contents
All you need for slime! Makes at least 5 pots of slime. Contains PVA glue, activator (2.5% borax), 3 primary colours, floam beads, glitter, gems, mixing tools and lidded pots. (slime in photo not included)

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Check out our science workshops across Devon here. Sometimes we have party groups come to these instead of having a science party!