Sciencedipity’s Saturday Science Club.

Saturday Science Club is a 2 hour drop-off science workshop suitable for all primary school aged children held monthly at Barnstaple Library & Exeter Library (see separate page). We also hold sessions occasionally in Tiverton and other towns.
Whether your child has no previous science experience or has already had a taste and wants to learn more – our Science Workshops are the perfect place.
They are suitable for all primary school aged children.
All these workshop are on our Facebook page where you’ll find more details about each one!

Bookings for all these are open now. Either use the booking system below to book (need paypal) or contact us.

The Barnstaple workshops cost is £15 per child which includes all resources, take homes and refreshments.

What, when & where!

Lightsabers & Lava
March 10th at Old Heathcoat School Community Centre in Tiverton, 10-11 or 11.15-12.15
Inspired by the Star Wars movies, make cool lightsaber cards that actually light up, and make a bubbling lava lamp to take home.

Wake-up Science (1 x Crest Award)
March 16th at Barnstaple Library, 1-3pm
Wake-up science is all about the science involved with getting up in the morning!! We’ll test for iron in our cereal, investigate toothpastes, and make soap & a model gut.

Brain Freeze (2 x Crest Awards)
May 18th at Barnstaple Library, 1-3pm
What is life like in the Arctic? Food chains and habitats feature in this workshop and we’ll be adapting mini-robots to suit our environment. We’ll build rafts to escape the icy waters too.

Microbe Mania (1 x Crest Award)
June 15th at Barnstaple Library, 1-3pm
The wonderful world of microbiology. Use microscopes & learn how bacteria are cultured in a lab. Find out about bad & good microbes, make a super-hero microbe. Investigate the possibility of microbes on Mars.

Silly Senses (2 x Crest Awards)
July 20th at Barnstaple Library, 1-3pm
Silly fun exploring the senses – sight, hearing, touch and smell. We’ll make neurones and touchy feely polymers.

Book Your Place:

It’s easy to secure a place on the course for your child using our simple booking form. Simply select how many tickets you want, click on the date of the session you’d like to attend and choose whether you’d like to book into the morning or afternoon slot.

You’ll be given the option to pay quickly and easily via PayPal. Shortly after, you’ll receive an email confirmation and receipt. If you need to cancel or rearrange simply click the relevant link in the email. If you don’t have paypal, please contact us to book or if you have any queries.

Crest Awards

crest award logoAs of 2019 these workshops will be aligned to the CREST Award scheme run by the British Science Association. We will keep track of the children’s progress and when they have completed 8 challenges, they can be awarded the Star or Superstar Award depending on their age.


Our unique club is an immersive, hands-on and safe environment for your child or children to learn, play and have fun. Here is a video of a typical session:

The cost is £15 – £20 (depending on location) per child which includes all resources, take homes and refreshments.

Our Mission:

Our unique Saturday Science Club give children across Devon the perfect opportunity to witness the miracle of science in an imaginative, awe-inspiring environment!

Our scientist and qualified teacher Ruth expertly teaches the children to problem solve on a fun level, ensuring that they don’t feel like they’re working. Whilst the session will be all about having fun, the children also learn valuable skills.

The Headlines:

  • Saturday Science Clubs are 2 hours one Saturday a month during term time.
  • You can just book into 1 session if you prefer or book a space on all of them.
  • Our clubs are led by a state registered Biomedical Scientist and qualified teacher.
  • We use hands-on experiments to show how science can be fun.
  • We put great emphasis on the importance of team work and communication.
  • Children can participate in the Crest Award Scheme.
  • We supply everything for the session including refreshments!