Sciencedipity’s Slime Science Workshops

We’ve had an amazing time bringing our 1 hour Slime Science workshops to hundreds of children across Devon in the last few months. The children have made a huge mess and had heaps of goo-ey fun! We will be back with more Slime making in the Autumn term. Please check back for dates and keep following our Facebook page (@sciencedipitydevon)

If you can’t wait until the autumn or fancy something different for a Birthday party, you can book Sciencedipity to bring our Slime Science workshop to your venue. More info on parties can be found here.


In case you missed what all the fuss was about:-

In these workshops you find out what slime actually is and what it is made from, you learn the chemistry behind this luscious stuff (which is important to know so that you can troubleshoot with slime-making at home) and how to make successful slime every time. Do you prefer bouncy slime, or stretchy slime?

The science investigations in these workshops are: – what happens when you alter the quantities of the slime ingredients? Do alternative ingredients work (you’ve read about using contact lens solution or starch solution – right?). Once we’ve made a good slime base, what other ingredients could we use to make an unusual slime – think mousse, baking soda, googly eyes?? During the 1 hour slime workshop, any slime you make you can take home.