About Sciencedipity

Based in Barnstaple, North Devon, Sciencedipity is a reliable, fun, experienced  Community Interest Company  (CIC) dedicated to bringing fun science to children across the county!

A Community Interest Company (CIC)  is a company that supports the community, and does not to pursue personal advantage and we strongly believe that reflects our central values. In practical terms, being a CIC also helps us to keep costs for our clients very low. We charge the minimum that we can just to cover our costs. 

We work across Devon to introduce children to science – we love what we do and our greatest customer do too


 Fun / Inspirational / Learning / Creative / Community

Our community-based, creative science events enable learning in an inspirational & fun environment.

Our vision is that community members have a lifelong passion for curiosity, imagination & investigation.

Our mission is to create fun, inspirational science learning experiences accessible to all families in the community.

How it all began.

It is a well-publicised problem that there is a substantial skills shortage in the STEM – science, technology, engineering and maths – areas.

On a personal level, this is a huge shame as science can be incredibly engaging, absorbing and rewarding. On a national level, it is a serious problem for the future – when Britain will rely on its expertise in the STEM skills to compete in an increasingly globalised marketplace. 

Addressing that problem starts with the newest generation. If they can experience science in a fun, hands-on way at an early age – then we can light a spark that could last a life time. 

We do our bit by touring around schools in North Devon, running science clubs, facilitating workshops in school and entertaining at parties to introduce as many kids as we can to how exciting science can be.

Qualified, Experienced and Reliable

Ruth MacLaren BSc QTLS FHEA is our head scientist and teacher. She leads all of Sciencedipity’s sessions personally, providing the sort of enthusiasm and expertise that effective teaching needs. 

Ruth’s core experience is split between science and teaching – she is a Biomedical Scientist and a qualified teacher who has been leading lessons and workshops for years.  

For your peace of mind, we are fully insured, DBS checked, safeguarding trained and stringent on our data protection. You can rely on us to provide all of our workshops and clubs safely – every time. 

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