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Author: Ruth

Summer Holiday Club in Barnstaple

We’re running a Summer Holiday Club in Barnstaple this year and have teamed up with our friends at Norse Hawk Activity Centre to create 4 exciting Viking Science themed days, which are guaranteed to be exciting, busy, science-y, and with a dash of Viking thrown in!

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What to expect at our Children’s Science Parties

Parties are back! YAY!!

Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect with our children’s science parties. We’re not a just a science show, we get children busy making cool creations and bubbly reactions to take home, read on to find out more and watch the video.

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6 Super-Easy Science Experiments Free Download

A PDF workbook to download for free!

The “Super-easy 6”

In this easy science experiments free download we’ve put together 6 of our favourite activities. We’ve chosen these 6 because they are so easy to do and produce very colourful results, they are really cool too. Called The Super-Easy 6, they provide good starter activities at home to get you & your family into science with ease.

To download the Super-Easy 6 click on the button below!

I want this free PDF!

I’d love to know how you get on, so please share your experiments, with photos if possible, on our Facebook page.

Have fun experimenting!


(Chief Scientist at Sciencedipity)

Ruth, Chief Scientist at Sciencedipity
Ruth, Chief Scientist at Sciencedipity

Colour-changing thermochromic slime

We’ve had so much fun making this amazing colour-changing thermochromic slime using thermochromic dyes, that we want you to have a go too! This is a slime that changes colour at just 27oC …and the best part is that you can now make your own colour changing slime using our Thermo Slime Kit! Read on for the discount code & watch the video too…..

You too can make colour-changing slime! Watch this….

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Spinners Template

For our online science workshop – Spinners – you will also need the spinners template which you can download here. Make sure you print it off onto A4 paper ready for the session in the Easter holidays, along with the other items you need: scissors and paper clips.

Balancing Skeleton Template

For our free online science workshop – Balancing Skeleton, you will not only need to book a space here, but you will also need this template. Make sure you print it off onto A4 paper or card ready for the session along with the other items you need: , scrap card to stick template to, felt tips, scissors, glue/sellotape, some coins or metal washers.

Gummy Bear Osmosis Experiment

Gummy Bear Osmosis Experiment

Gummy Bear Osmosis experiment is a fun demonstration to help explain the tricky subject of osmosis, as well as being a great way to teach experimental design. It’s also an experiment you can eat when you’re finished! Read on to find out why the Gummy Bear Osmosis Experiment is so good at teaching osmosis (obviously!), but also experimental design, mass, weight & volume as well as embedding maths.

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Easy Glowing Orbeez Halloween Science

Halloween is just around the corner so how about some easy Halloween Science you can do at home?! These glowing Orbeez are fab for Halloween Science or, to be honest, at any time of year! They are so easy to make at home using the ink from highlighter pens, which contains a compound called fluorescein that glows (fluoresces) under UV light. A safe and easy experiment that the children loved especially at this spooky time of year.

Watch the video here or read on for more hints/tips and video tutorial.
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Magic milk science experiment

If you’re looking for fun and easy science experiments, look no further! We have loads of easy science guides for you, including this one – Magic Milk Science Experiment, a swirling, colourful science experiment that you can do right now with things from your kitchen!

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Fizzy ice cubes science experiment

Make fizzy ice cubes and rainbows of colours in our latest science experiment! You need very little equipment for this ice-cool fizzy experiment ideal for toddlers – baking soda, ice cube tray, water, colouring & vinegar. This is a practical and fun way to observe colour mixing, chemical reactions and change of state.

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