Make a gravity defying Balancing Skeleton!

You’ll need: the template (see below) & something to use as 2 weights to alter the centre of gravity so that it balances in this vertical position, we use either pennies or bluetack or play dough.

So, are you ready to make a gravity defying Skeleton? Lets go……

Step 1) Print off the template onto A4 paper then stick onto card, or print directy onto A4 white card.

click here to download the template.

Step 2) Cut out the skeleton along the lines

Step 3) Colour in the Skele if you want to or better still, label the bones.

Step 4) To make it balance in this gravity defying way, you have to add your weights somewhere on the skeleton….but where? Can you figure it out (answer below).


Where to add the pennies – sellotape them low down on his hands, at the back so they can’t be seen and make your friends and familiy wonder how you did this!!


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