Young Scientist of the Month is our way of celebrating the amazing science-enthusiastic youngsters who we meet regularly through our work. This month we meet Lois, one of the many girls how comes to our science and technology workshops, topics which may be viewed as male dominant. We usually see an equal number of girls and boys at our sessions which is not surprising as the gender gap in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) subjects doesn’t start to appear until the GCSEs and it continues to widen throughout university and into working life.

“In the UK women make up just 14 per cent of individuals working in STEM occupations in the UK.”, Deloitte, 2016.


“girls continued to outperform boys in every STEM subject”.


Deloitte’s report explores many reasons for this, such as women taking time out to look after families, but also that a gender pay gap still exists. Interestingly the report also finds that “girls continued to outperform boys in every STEM subject” throughout their education. Girl Power!

OK, so let’s meet Lois……

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