Community Events, Activity Days, Festivals, Openings, Fetes, Staff Family Days

The Sciencedipity team will bring our award winning edutainment to your corporate event, guaranteed to be engaging and exciting for the families and children attending.

Our entertainment package can be set up either as a workshop (set times) or a drop-in activity (open throughout your event).

Whatever you need, we’ll work out the perfect package for you.

Bath Bomb making

Science for the senses! Have fun learning about the scientific secrets behind creating an amazing bath bomb! They fizz, dissolve and smell great too. Take your bath bombs home for yourself or as gifts! 


This is STEAM = science technology, engineering, ART, maths! Combine creativity and science to make you very own artwork to keep! Have fun, make memories and let you imaginations flow!

Chromatography butterflies, critter hunters, magnet mazes, magic wands, biomimicry art, are a few examples.

Rocket making & launching

3..2..1…lift off! 

In this engaging and rewarding activity, children will be taught how to create and launch their very own rocket, that they’ll be able to take home as a memento!

Engineering challenges

An exciting hands-on activity looking at engineering concepts linked to nature, making air powered cars, building circuits, playdoh LED light up models & Vibro Bots.

Themed science

From spooky Halloween potion making to magical Christmas science, we can provide themed events for any special occasion. 

Bespoke science edutainment

We’re convinved that the most effective way to learn is through fun, physical activity and laughter. ‘Edutainment’ says no to boring teaching!

Slime making

Get messy and have a laugh by taking part in Slime Making with the experts! You’ll be taught how to make all sorts of gooey varieties… floam, fluffy, butter, unicorn, galaxy, glitter and more!

Let us know your preferred dates & other details

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