The Cell Biology and Microbiology Practical Short Course is a specialist 4 week laboratory based course for children aged 12-16 upwards starting in the autumn.

During the fun and educational sessions, children will learn about cells and unicellular organisms. The emphasis will be on the practical work with children learning new lab skills to carry out the laboratory activities, such as aseptic technique and bacterial identification tests. Scroll down for details of what will be covered in each session.

Each session is 90 minute long and will have relevant theory in the form of a short presentation followed by a range of activities and laboratory investigations to enhance learning. An informative Course Activity Booklet and a Certificate of Participation will be given to students. The course is organised and facilitated by a qualified teacher, a scientist & microbiologist, Ruth MacLaren

£55 per student

The cost if £55 per student for the 4 week course starting in the autum. DATES/TIMES  TBC

Course Content

Week 1
What are cells?
• Prepare wet preps of plant & animal cells
• Observe your wet preps with microscopes
• Make comparisons between plant & animal cells
• Identify some live unicellular organisms
• Cell model making

Week 2
Eukaryotes vs Prokaryotes
• Your microbial flora & symbiosis
• Microscopic eukaryotes (algae & protists)
• Prokaryotes – culturing bacteria on a variety of specialist agars
• Microbes in food – experiment with yeast
• Microbiology Discovery Box

Week 3
Identifying Bacteria – step 1
• Stain bacteria using the Gram stain method
• Observe bacteria at 1000X magnification with oil immersion
• Differentiate bacteria according to their shape and arrangement

Week 4
Identifying Bacteria – step 2
• Identifying bacteria in a hospital lab
• Grow bacterial cultures using aseptic technique
• Nature’s antibiotics – the disk diffusion method (part 1)

Week 5
• Nature’s antibiotics – the disk diffusion method (part 2)
• Diseases & spread of disease
• Biofilms
• Blast the Biofilm