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Online LIVE Science Clubs

We’re passionate about helping children learn the wonders of science through practical, hands-on activities. No boring teaching here! That’s why we deliver a science kit to your door for our live, online science clubs, so that your budding scientist can become immersed in an interactive sciencedipity session. 


Next intake – end of November

(Oct dates sold out)

Only £39 per family

includes the kit delivered!

More kits needed? – no problem

Siblings can either share a kit or we can send you additional kits for £10 each. These are available to order on the booking page.


What are the live online clubs all about?!

Suitable for ages 5-11.

Fizz & Popp, Inventors, Horrid and the brand new, Brilliant Biology,  Science themes to choose from.

Each session is live via Zoom, is 1 hour long, and the clubs are for 4 weeks (so 4 x 1 hour sessions).

Online support via private FB group.

Certificated (British Science Association’s Crest Award – optional).

Only £39 per family includes the kit delivered via Royal Mail’s Signed For service. Image and details of kits below.

£10 per additional kit (e.g. for siblings – optional).

The club is led by our scientist & teacher, Ruth (yes – an actual real scientist!).

The groups are kept small (up to 12 screens), so Ruth can ensure your youngster is engaged and involved throughout.

Inventors Science Club

Next intake – end of November

Wednesdays 9-10am

Nov 24th, Dec 1st, 8th & 15th

An exciting hands-on club looking engineering concepts linked to nature, making air powered cars, building circuits, playdoh LED light up models & Vibro Bots. Weekly breakdown of topics below.

Horrid Science Club 

Next intake – end of November

Thursdays 9-10am

Nov 25th, Dec 2nd, 9th & 16th

Gross science experiments that kids love! Gloop, slime, bath bombs with nasty surprises, making squidgy worms, smelly chemistry, creepy mini-motorised jittery critters. Weekly breakdown of topics below.

Fizz Popp Science Club

Next intake – end of November

Thursdays 11-12pm

Nov 25th, Dec 2nd, 9th & 16th

A fantastic introduction to chemistry with colour changing potions, fizzy reactions, pH testing, CO2 experiments, lava lamps plus a final week of zooming rockets. Weekly breakdown of topics below.

Brilliant Biology Club 

** NEW ** NEW **

2 dates to choose from, either:

Wednesdays 11-12pm, Nov 24th, Dec 1st, 8th & 15th


Thursdays 4.30-5.30pm, Nov 25th, Dec 2nd, 9th & 16th

Learn about various aspects of biology through hands on experiments and activities. Discover & fool your senses, Function of heart, blood & lungs. Test (fake) urine samples, dissect owl pellets & explore how unique you are through gene bracelets and DNA.

What happens during a class?

Inventors club topics

1st sessionNature’s Secrets – Colour changing bead bracelets, magic balancing butterflies, secret messages & decoder glasses.

2nd session: Vehicle designs – Super gliders & zooming air powered cars.

3rd session: Circuits – make simple circuits using bulbs and batteries, investigate insulators/conductors, make clay LED light up creatures.

4th Session: Robots – Using battery packs and motors, you’ll make Art-bots to create a masterpiece then design and build crazy Vibro-bot.

Horrid Science topics

1st session: Sneaky – Make periscopes to spy on friends & jitter critters – mini-robots to spook your friends!

2nd session Gloopy – Make polymerised slimey snot or gooey bogeys, weird non newtonian fluids & Oobleck.

3rd session: Smelly – Make & mix liquids to create worms which pop when squished. The difference between solutions and mixtures & make your own pH indicator.

4th Session: Rancid – Collecting yeast farts and smell fizzy reactions. Make bath bombs with a horrid surprise

Fizz Popp club topics

1st session: Rainbow Science – Rainbow Skittles, Chromatography, Art-science, acids & alkalis, pH testing with litmus paper.

2nd session: Fizzy Science – Acids & alkali reactions, Rainbow Fizz, measuring, chemical balloons, comparing gasses, CO2 science.

3rd session: Bubbly Science – Chemical reactions, colourful bubbling lava lamps and the chemistry behind them, blossoming flowers & bubbles.

4th Session: Zoom Science – Create rocket frogs, hoop gliders & catapults (not exactly chemistry but heaps of fun!).

Brilliant Biology topics

1st session: Senses – activities to explore & fool the senses of touch, hearing, seeing, & smell.

2nd session: Heart & Lungs – learn about blood cells, heart rate & pulse, make a lung model to see how air enters your lungs.

3rd session: Excretions – what excretions tell us? Test (fake) urine samples for diabetes. Gut Marble Run. Dissect an owl pellet.

4th session: Unique You – explore symmetry in nature, discover fingerprints patterns, make eye colour gene bracelets and a model of DNA.

What goodies are in the kits?

Inventors Science club

The contents differ slightly from the image above, here’s what you get: UV sensitive beads, bracelet cord, washers, red acetate, 2 x AA & 4 x AA battery boxes, bulbs & bulb holders, small pot of playdoh, LEDs, elastic bands, plastic cups, googly eyes, motor & off-centre mass, scrap kit, paper plates, wheels, axles, balloons, templates.

Not provided – sellotape, scissors, felt tips, scrap card/paper, AA battery, materials from around the home to test conductivity (e.g. tin foil, comb, pencil etc) 

Horrid Science club 

Here’s what you get: PVA glue, slime activator, green & blue food colouring, bowls, periscope template, mirrors, 3V button battery, vibrating motor, corn flour, sodium alginate, calcium chloride, citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, mineral salts, yeast, sugar, beaker, stirring sticks, pipettes, straw, balloon, insects, googly eyes, strip of wells, paper ramekin, pot & lid, glitter. 

Not provided – sellotape, scissors, felt tips, scrap card/paper, vinegar, red cabbage, knife & chopping board

Fizz Popp Science club

Here’s what you get: beaker, measuring cylinder, petri dish, litmus paper booklet, forceps, filter paper, bowl, bottle with lid, effervescent tablets, glitter, skittles, pipettes, food colourings x 3 vials, raisins, test tubes & lids, sodium bicarbonate, stirring stick, balloons, paper straw, googly eyes, cardboard core, pom-poms, templates. 

Not provided – scissors, sellotape, glue, felt tips, sharpies, vinegar, wash-up liquid, vegetable oil, lemonade, glass, empty milk carton

Brilliant Biology club

Here’s what you get: paperclip, 4m string & cups, mirror, optical illusions, spinner stick, PVA glue, slime activator, scent, pots & lids, stirring stick, pipette, balloon, bottle, straw, plastercine (4 colours), owl pellet, forceps, cocktail sticks, marble, alimentary canal marble run, fake urine samples, urine glucose test strips & colour chart, sticky tape, gene beads & elastic, pipe cleaners, templates.

Not provided – scissors, pencil, gloves, colouring pens, glue stick

British Science Association Crest Award

At all our clubs, children can earn the BSA’s Crest Award, which means after 8 classes plus 8 extension activities (ideas are given during the class of things the children can do once the session is over) your child receives a certificate and badge from the BSA. If you’re not already registered you can do so here.  

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Please call/text  07847 006048 or contact us here with any queries


  • Laura, Yorkshire
    Thank you so much to the team at Sciencedipity. My girls absolutely love science and the online classes have definitely made this aspect of home educating fun and accessible. Tha k you so much and can't wait to get involved with more science
    Laura, Yorkshire
  • Franny, Mid Devon
    Thank you, Ruth, for your seriously inspiring online science sessions. My two kids spent many days afterwards re-creating the experiments in different ways - thanks to the excellent equipment kits you sent in the post. It's brilliant how you teach them the scientific principles behind the fun stuff, they love going on to apply those principles in other situations. They have learned so much and we will definitely be back for more.
    Franny, Mid Devon
  • Beth, USA
    We had a marvellous time. Your energy and creativity are really appreciated. My son loves the class.
    Beth, USA
  • Lisanne, Devon
    He really enjoyed it, he was absolutely buzzing afterwards and is looking forward to next week
    Lisanne, Devon
  • Rachael, Cornwall
    I can not thank you enough for today. The kids absolutely loved it!
    Rachael, Cornwall
  • Liz, North Devon
     just wanted to say a massive thank you for this morning, the children so enjoyed it!
    Liz, North Devon
  • Angela, Plymouth
    Each session had three really fun and engaging activities, well taught and explained. None of the activities were “duds” or time fillers and my daughter was inspired to follow up each session with further investigation. The sessions were well priced and we are sad they have come to an end
    Angela, Plymouth
  • Joanna, Online Clubs
    Many thanks for your amazing lessons! They are so good at inspiring young scientists and introducing scientific concepts in a fun way.
    Joanna, Online Clubs
  • Beth, Online
    Absolutely fantastic online classes. My 5yo looks forward to them every week and it has really fed his love of science and provided lots more avenues for him to explore in his own time. The kits are always well organised and the little added treats make it that bit more special and exciting for young children to receive.
    Beth, Online
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