Following the Government’s lockdown rules, our children’s science events & workshops have moved online for now, including these free science workshops during the Easter holidays….and we hope to be back running events in person sometime after Easter (details to follow).

We run FREE science workshops – found on this page – as well as

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Free Easter Science

Check out our FREE science workshops for ages 4-9 this Easter Holiday below.

30 minutes of fun educational science in the morning, one at 10am and another at 11am, during the week of 12th to 16th April in the Easter Holidays.

Each session has a short introduction, and families make the experiment below live with us. The sessions are very interactive and there is time throughout for questions, we will also help troubleshoot if something isn’t quite working.

Spaces are limited, so please book your slot below and we’ll send you the Zoom link and a kit list reminder by email.

Please note: the Zoom link will be found in your Reminder Email which is sent the day before the workshop.

All these sessions are free, but you are welcome to donate to our Fun & Free Science For All campaign, to enable us to continue to run free sessions throughout 2021 for all children in the UK.

Monday 12th April 10-10.30 |Lolly Stick Catapults

Kit needed: several craft lolly sticks, several elastic bands, a lid, tape, scrap paper.

Monday 12th April 11-11.30 | Make your own pH indicator

Kit needed: red cabbage, hot water, heat resistant jug, chop board & knife, selections of foods, cleaning products to test, pipette/syringe, ice cube tray, spoons.

Tuesday 13th April 10-10.30 | Chromatography

Kit needed: Coffee filters or other absorbent paper, colouring pens, permanent marker, cup or glass, pipette or drinking straw, water.

Tuesday 13th April 11-11.30 | PomPoms Away!

Kit needed: Small paper cups or the strong cardboard tube from inside cling film/kitchen foil rolls, balloon (+spare), scissors, tape, pompoms/paper

Wednesday 14th April 10-10.30 | Oodles of Oobleck

Kit needed: Box of cornflour or starch, water, forks, funnel, sieve, bowl, tray.

Wednesday 14th April 11-11.30 | Sink or Float

Kit needed: Large bowl of water, plastercine or blue-tack, selection of coins
selection of objects (fruits, toys, balls etc).

Thursday 15th April 10-10.30 | Paper Towel Magic

Kit needed: A plate, tea towel, small container of water, permanent marker (black would be ideal), felt tips and kitchen paper towels (cheap ones so they are not too thick).

Thursday 15th April 11-11.30 | Spinners

Kit needed: Template: download here and print onto paper, scissors, paperclips

Friday 16th April 10-10.30 | Rainbow Skittles

Kit needed: Skittles, plate, water

Friday 16th April 11-11.30 | Playdough Volcano

Kit needed: Home-made flour & water dough or Playdoh, small plastic bottle, baking soda, vinegar, tray.

What else do we offer?

Online Clubs £39

We run online clubs for children across the country. Numbers are kept small so we can ensure the science sessions are as interactive as possible. Our next clubs will be after Easter.

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for this morning, the children so enjoyed it!” Liz, North Devon

Science for Home Education

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