Easter Holiday Science Club 8-12th April 2019

Science & Nature at Tawstock Court

A brilliant & fun week for kids aged 6-13 who love making potions, exploring nature, art & crafts, getting a bit messy and learning loads. Our venue is the amazing Tawstock Court, just outside Barnstaple. Take a look below at the activities we’ve planned for each day and pick which day/days you fancy coming to. You can also book into the whole week to enjoy a package discount (more details below).

We’ve teamed up with Ranger Russ, Hannah’s Art Pod & Wild Things Forest School to bring you 5 amazing days.

tawstock court

Tawstock Court – our amazing venue for the week

What are the timings for these days?

Our days come with two options, you can either book for a Short Day which is just for the core Science and Nature activities (9.30-3.30) or book for a Full Day which includes these core activities and Play & Stay hours at either end of the day (8.45 – 5.15).

How much does it cost?

A short day costs £26 per child. Have fun with the core activities from 9.30-3.30. Book onto all 5 Short Days (each have different themes/activities) and get 10% off the total, so you pay £117 instead of £130
Book 1 week of Short Days

A full day costs £35 per child. Enjoy the core activity hours and benefit from play and stay sessions at either end of the day (8.45-5.15). Book onto all 5 days and receive 16% off the total, so you pay £147 instead of £175.
Book 1 week of Full Days


What will my kids be doing?

The core activities detailed below are between 9.30 & 3.30.

The Play & Stay hours (if you book a Full Day) will have calming science related activities, such as K’nex, board games & science crafts.

Science Holiday Club is always heaps of fun!

Monday 8th April ANIMAL ANTICS

In the morning Ranger Russ wil be teaching us about adpataion in the animals that he brings. In the afternoon, we’ll be making our own mechanical animals (yes, they really move and you can take them home!) and adapting them to our chosen environment. This is followed by Wild Things Forest School jungle walk & tracking game outside in the beautiful grounds of Tawstock court.
Book Animal Antics Short Day
Book Animal Antics Full Day

Tuesday 9th April CRAZY CHEMISTRY

Hannah’s Art Pod will be us helping us creating natural artwork, then we’ll get our lab coats on for amazing chemical reactions & natural potion making. Colour changing, dissolving and goo-ey fun. (take home items include sherbet & slime). We’ll be outside for some time today with Forest School’s Adrinka printing wall hangings to make &  take home.
Book Crazy Chemistry Short Day
Book Crazy Chemistry Full Day

Wednesday 10th April YUCKY YOU

Ranger Russ will join us for a different session to Monday’s, of course he’ll be bringing his “pets”and we’ll find out habout some of their yucky habits! After lunch, we’ll get our lab coats for a journey into the yuckier side of you, exploring our cardiac system and guts! (take home items as usual). Forest School today brings us an outdoor practical lesson on trees including stick skeletons.
Book Yucky You Short Day
Book Yucky You Full Day

Thursday 11th April WILD NATURE

We’ll delve into Forest School first thing today for Blings, shelter building & forest friends. In the afternoon, Hannah’s Art Pod will be teaching us how to make our own natural tools and create artwork with them, then there’ll be some wild rocket powered science (take home items as always).
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Friday 12th April ANIMAL MAGIC

Ranger Russ will join us again for a different session to Monday & Wednesday, of course he’ll be bringing his animal friends, and teach us some of the amazing things his animals can do. After lunch, there’ll be Magical Mask making with Hannah’s Art Pod, and amazing magical science tricks & illusions (take homes as usual).
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ranger russ

Ranger Russ will be joiing us with his pets!


What do we bring?

Packed lunch and snacks/drinks. Dress for mess and bring outdoor clothes & wellies too.

How to book

Either click on the links above or use the calendar below.

In the calendar, click on the day or days you’re interested in. If you want to book onto the whole week find the “package” event.

Type in the number of tickets you’d like and then click “continue”.

Enter the required details and read the info (let us know if there’s naything we should be aware of e.g. medical info/leanign needs)

You’ll then be given the option to pay quickly and easily via PayPal. Shortly after, you’ll receive an email confirmation and receipt. If you need to cancel or rearrange you can simply click the link in this email.

If you don’t have paypal, please contact us to book a place by cheque or bank transfer.

This is a snap shot of last year’s Easter Holiday Club!