Here is a science flextangle template for you to download for free to make at home. These geometric toys are great fun to make and play with. A flextangle is usually made of paper, which has been folded in a specific way to make a movable, or flexible, toy.

Read on for the download with instructions.

Our science flextangle uses the cool hand made images from our logo, which was designed by Bethany Smith. The shape of this flextangle is termed a hexaflexagon (hex = 6, flexagon = a paper polygon). To get the best out of your flextangle, I suggest you print the template onto light card and ensure the glued parts are dried before you play with it. You can reinforce the glued seams with sticky tape – but this is optional.

click me for free download!

You will need:

the science flextangle template printed onto light card or paper, this can be downloaded here.

glue & sticky tape


that’s it!!


  1. Print the science flextangle template onto thin card or paper.
  2. Cut the flextangle out.
  3. Fold all dotted lines face to face (also called valley fold).
  4.  Fold all diagonal lines back to back (mountain fold). 
  5. Gently fold flextangle so the dots touch to make a tube shape, glue the tabs and press together until dry. Reinforce with sticky tape if needed.
  6. Carefully turn flextangle into a circle by meeting the end tabs with the opposite end of the tube. Add glue to end tabs, slot them into the opposite end’s hole and press until dry. Add sticky tape to reinforce join.


Click this image for free science template

click me for free download!

Have fun flexing!
Bye for now


Chief Scientist at Sciencedipity

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