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We do all the hard work to make your science lesson or science day really successful and exciting, with minimal impact on your precious time.

In addition, we bring all the equipment and resources needed so youngsters can gain confidence with using science tools. Often time they get to keep what they’ve made too!

Did I mention that we are scientists and current science teachers, this means you and your pupils get accurate science information and we are happy to chat with youngsters about what it’s really like to work in a scientific field and science careers.

We cover all of the southwest UK and are happy to travel further

North Devon Schools can book an after school science club

Science Workshop for schools

– Key Features –

  • You’ll receive engaging, hands-on science activities to enrich your lessons, and enthuse your pupils.
  • All sessions led by real scientists which means your pupils receive high quality sessions, use relevant lab kit, learn correct terminology and find out what its like to be a real scientist! 
  • Combine our science workshops with one of our science shows to kick your science day off with a bang!
  • With us, pupils often make things to take home, e.g. a pot of slime or a bath bomb.
  • Easy to book, easy and clear pricing.
  • No more stereotypes – (not-mad scientist) Ruth & Luise inspire youngsters that science is for everyone.
  • Watch us at work at a school here 


Science Workshops – topics

Check out our curriculum linked workshops below.

With many of our science workshops the children make something to take home, this could be a pot of slime, a bath bomb, a vibro-bot or a designer microbe!

Additional charges may apply for expensive items such as vibrobots


KS1 – Everyday Materials. Living things and their habitats. Investigative Skills

KS2 – States of matter. Animals & humans. Properties/changes in materials. Rocks & soils. Living thing & their habitats. Forces & magnets. Evolution & inheritance. Investigative skills & technology.

Phizz-whizzing Chemistry

This diddly Roald Dahl inspired chemistry and states of matter workshops is truly giganticus! Following a mini science show, youngsters make George’s Marvellous Medicine, Bottled Dreams and/or snozzcumber juice.

Potter Potions

In this Harry Potter inspired class, children make a selection of potions, one of which they can keep. The potion ingredients have been carefully chosen to react really well together – an exciting introduction to chemical reactions.

Smart Materials

Introduction to smart materials with fun interactive demo's with hydrogel, polymorph, thermochromic paint, UV dyes, conductive textiles and more. Followed by an investigation on various materials, then pupils carry out an experiment to find the true colour of copper & make a colour changing smart material bracelet to keep.

Robots (Circuits or Adaptation topics)

First we have a fun hands-on introduction to circuits and electricity, before making large motorised, vibrating robots using a range of materials. A great fun activity that’ll need a couple of hours of building and play. Additional charge of £2 per robot if children wanted to keep their robots.

Creative Circuitry

Following an hands-on introduction to circuits, children can use copper tape and LEDs to make a complete circuit which will light up their own picture (see them in action here) or create light up playdoh models. We'll have fun with the Van de Graaff generator to finish.

Balloon Buggies

Using materials provided, pupils engineer an air powered vehicle to travel the furthest. Children consider the forces involved and will watch Newton’s Laws of Motion in action. Children can keep their creations.


Explore forces using rockets by making your own air powered rocket. Make alterations to your rocket to make it aerodynamic / go further. Finish with crazy little (but very powerful) exploding canister rockets.

Evolution & inheritance

DNA - the stuff of life! Following an introductory lesson on DNA, children safely extract DNA, they can make eye-colour gene bracelets to keep, and sweety (or non-sweety) DNA models.

Animals inc. Humans

Learn anatomy of the heart and lungs or the digestive tract (or any body part!), how they work and what they do. Various hands-on experiments and activities to align with your learning outcomes.

Microbe Mania

An introduction to microbiology from a microbiologist! See live microbes and bacteria using our digital microscope. Learn how we culture and study microbes in the lab. Make snot-slime Make your own super bug model. 

Forensic Science

A crime has been committed, can you identify the culprit from the suspects using fingerprinting; blood grouping; chemical tests; teeth impressions and hair/fibre analysis. 

Bespoke / Cross curricular

If a topic isn't covered here or you want to run something a little bit different, please contact us. We are very creative and love to come up with new ideas.

Perhaps we can link the science to a topic your class is currently studying. For example, at Stoke Hill Infant's School in Exeter we designed a cross-curricular science workshop for their literacy topic "Would You Rather?"

We created a Maths-Science day for all the pupils at South Molton Community Primary.

Our Forensics workshop is used for the Crime and Punishment topic for another local school.

Get in touch here and let us do the hard work.

Science workshop prices


for a half day of workshops (morning or afternoon) with 1 facilitator



for a full day with 3-5 workshops (up to 35 pupils/workshop) with 1 facilitator, or 1 show followed by 3 workshops



for a full day with 2 facilitators running 3-5 workshops with larger groups (e.g. 2 classes combined) or a show followed by 3 large workshops



* 1 or 2 facilitators are needed depending on the numbers of pupils. Usually 1 small school or a year group will need just 1 person, but a large, all school event will need 2 of us.

** Price includes resources, equipment & teachers.

*** There is a mileage charge of 50p per mile. There may be a £50 surcharge if your venue is further than a 90 minute drive away from our head office in Barnstaple.

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After School Science Clubs

Our After School Science Clubs (available in North Devon) give children the perfect opportunity to witness the marvels of science in the safety of their school.

~ Prices range from £7-£10 per child per session depending on where you are located

~ After School Science Club sessions are 1 hour per week and run through a term (5 or 6 weeks).

~ Parents book a space directly with us, via our secure booking software, another thing you don’t have to think about.

~ Pupils enjoy fun, hands-on experiments and projects that bring science to life.

~ Youngsters use our scientific kit and resources, so you don’t need to gather resources.

~ Children take science home with them, by making things to keep at each session.


  • Mrs Phillips, Sticklepath School
    I just wanted to email to say a huge thank you for your workshops today at Sticklepath! You were amazing and the children absolutely loved it they were so engaged and so many children and parents have said how much they enjoyed it.
    Mrs Phillips, Sticklepath School
  • Hayley, After School Club
    thank you so much for running the science club.  My girls absolutely loved it and it was definitely one of the highlights of the week for them! Hopefully your input has created lots of little scientists in the making
    Hayley, After School Club
  • Dot Jones, St Peter's First School, Beacon Education, Somerset
    Your workshops were engaging, exciting and the children loved every second! They also learnt so much and are now excited for the rest of science week!
    Dot Jones, St Peter's First School, Beacon Education, Somerset
  • Mr Guild, Trinity C of E Primary School, Exeter
    Thank you so much for your work over the two days and thanks for your understanding as we re-jigged the timings. The feedback from the teachers and children was all so positive.
    Mr Guild, Trinity C of E Primary School, Exeter
  • Tatiana Lytvynenko, West Devon Borough Council

    I sincerely thank you for serving us at our Homes for Ukraine event. Thanks for providing us excellent service. We are impressed with your professionalism, we have got a lot of thankful feedbacks and especially from happy kids!!!

    Tatiana Lytvynenko, West Devon Borough Council
  • Mrs Blackmore, Hyde Park Infants School, Plymouth
    Thank you so much for yesterday. The children really enjoyed it and learnt some new information.
    Mrs Blackmore, Hyde Park Infants School, Plymouth
  • Mrs Walsh, St Stephens, Launceston
    Staff and children were really excited and impressed with the workshops, really engaging and very well prepared and organised. The children liked having something that they could take away too. I'm so pleased we were able to extend to the pre-school and ARB as well. Lots of awe and wonder!
    Mrs Walsh, St Stephens, Launceston
  • Miss Ashton, Newport Primary
    I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the Vibrobot workshops yesterday. The children absolutely loved it! There was so much joy on their faces when we tested them this afternoon and they are very excited to write a set of instructions to make one.
    Miss Ashton, Newport Primary
  • Mrs Hinchcliffe, Monkleigh Primary School
    The feedback from your sessions has been really positive. The teacher is Class 2 said it was a real hit with her class.
    Mrs Hinchcliffe, Monkleigh Primary School
  • Mrs Nott, Witheridge Primary
    It was great that everybody had something to take home with them. Hopefully a real 'conversation starter' about science at home. The learning was all fantastically resourced and organised, your explanation was really clear and engaging, and the children really loved the practical activities..... the day was a great success, and has been a great 'kick start' to our science learning about properties and changes of materials this half term.
    Mrs Nott, Witheridge Primary
  • Mr Fox, Shiphay School, Torquay
    Thank you Sciencedipity for a fun and exciting day. The 'slime' was a hit and some parents commented on how much fun their child had with you. Many thanks and hope to see you again.
    Mr Fox, Shiphay School, Torquay
  • M.kimber, Broadclyst School, Cornerstone Academy Trust
    Thanks again for coming in to Broadclyst Primary School during Science week – it was really enjoyed by staff and students alike!
    M.kimber, Broadclyst School, Cornerstone Academy Trust
  • D. Pile, Marland School, Bideford
    Thank you so much for today. All the children loved the workshops and the teachers and staff were thrilled with what they did.
    D. Pile, Marland School, Bideford
  • J. Holmes, Thorverton Primary School
    Thank you so much for yesterday! It was such a super day, and all of the teachers at all 3 schools were extremely impressed with how much the children got out of the hour. The children had a great time doing some followup work linked to it today, and recalled lots of facts from the day!
    J. Holmes, Thorverton Primary School
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