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In 2021, we ran our Summer Holiday Club  in collaboration with our friends at Norse Hawk Activity Centre to create 4 exciting Viking Science themed days, which were exciting, busy, science-y, and with a dash of Viking thrown in!


Activity details

Water & Rafts day – July 29th 2021

Do you have what it takes to be a Viking Warrior navigating the seas to explore new lands? How did you get there? What perils would lay await for you? Which direction did you go?

  • Find out about Viking exploration through hands on science, games and stories.
  • Experiment to find out why Long Boats were successful warships
  • Make a floating longboat to keep
  • Decorate your own Longboat fridge magnet
  • Be a Viking Warrior in the human sized grid game
  • Learn about the Pole star, and how it was used in navigation
  • Make a Pole Star light up picture using paper circuits and an LED

Children take home their own made floating long boat, decorated longboat magnet & light up Pole star picture



Mystic & Magic day – July 30th 2021

Step into the world of a Seeress, a Viking Witch. What did she wear? What trinkets did she carry? How did she make potion? In this workshop, you’ll decorate a Seeress’s staff, conjure up Freya’s Potions (but first you’ll have to find the hidden ingredients), then design a magic colour changing amulet.

  • Find out about Viking Witches, called a völva or seeress, through hands on science, games and stories
  • Learn what they wore and about their high status in society
  • Make your own magic staff to keep by designing and decorating it to give it special powers
  • Make colour changing, fizzing, erupting potions using typical ingredients
  • Make a bubbling potions (lava lamp) to keep
  • Hear about Freya, the Viking’s most famous Seeress, through a fun interactive game
  • Create a magical amulet or jewellery using special beads

Children take home, their decorated staff, the magic amulet or jewellery, a bubbling Potion.



Brave Biology Day – Aug 5th 2021

Let’s find out about how our Viking bodies worked! Follow Thor’s Dagmal (his breakfast) as it went down the digestive system, all the way to the end!  After a healthy meal, Thor is ready for battle, but how did he protect himself?

  • Find out about Viking food, digestion, and battle through hands on science, games and stories
  • Make a “digestive tract” and find out what happens at each stage
  • Learn who Thor was and why he was so important
  • Design and paint a shield
  • Learn about  Viking armour and compare it to modern armour
  • Hear about liquid armour and make your own (oobleck & slime)
  • Oops, Thor forgot his helmet!! What else can you use to protect him in battle (an adaptation of the Egg-Drop challenge)

Children take home their painted shield, Oobleck & Slime, Thor’s helmet  (own design)


Fly High Day – Aug 6th 2021

Vikings were great engineers, they built boats, villages, armour and weapons. Let’s take a look at Viking weapons, and build a Viking catapult as used in the story of Loki & Baldur. We’ll also make stomp arrows and targets, and test to see who’s goes furthest. Write secret messages in runes, and other Viking themed crafts.

  • Find out about Viking weapons through hands on science & games
  • Make a Viking catapult, and compare to an alternative design
  • Learn the story of Loki and Baldur through fun interactive story and game
  • Design and create paper stomp arrows, then enter the stomp competition (optional)
  • Write and decipher secret rune messages
  • Launch rune messages to your targets

Children take home, their paper arrows, Viking catapult, Runes and Viking crafts.


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