Young Scientist of the Month is our way of celebrating the amazing science-enthusiastic youngsters we meet regularly through our outreach work. Following on from Lois last month, this month we meet Millie, another girl who loves science, and hopefully there’s no stopping her. As mentioned in a previous post, the gender gap in Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths (STEM) subjects appears during secondary school. Did you know that only 9% of the engineering workforce are female? Shocking, lets move on…..

Millie is a regular at Saturday Science Club and also comes to the Science Activity days that we do in the school holidays. Enjoying a challenge, Millie gets really focussed on the activities that we bring to the workshops. We try to make our activities meaningful to help kids connect science to their own lives. If they can not make the connection, there is a high chance they will drift away from science.  The activities are designed to encourage children to think  scientifically, and develop critical thinking.

At a recent Engineering Science Day, Millie was tasked with making a Rube Goldberg machine and a robot, she took the challenges on with gusto! We caught up with Millie for a chat about robots & science.

OK, so let’s meet Millie……

On one of our recent Science days, “Invent It” we made robots by attaching an unbalanced 3V motor to the back of a scrubbing brush. The motor was powered by a 2 AA battery pack and the robots buzzed around. The children were asked to adapt their robot to a particular environment. This meant embellishing them with armour and other survival kit of their own designs. Once adorned the robots were ready for Robot Wars! This was so much fun as the robots battled it out. The children get to keep their robot, we are keen for children to take home all the things they make at our workshops.

Young Scientist of the Month, Millie

Young Scientist of the Month, Millie, with the robot she made.


  • What is your favourite subject?

My favourite subject is Maths.

  • So you enjoy science at school?

Yes, science at school involves making circuits and we recently made a parachute for an egg.

  • What do you particularly like about Sciencediptiy Science Clubs?

I like Saturday Science Club because I like making things ad taking them home to show my mum.

  • Today at “Invent It” Science Activity Day, you’ve made a robot. Could you tell us a little bit about your robot?

Well, it has a defender on the front and back. I have added lots of jewels as well for reflecting light which will make its shadow look bigger and scarier. I think it might be a cleaning robot as well.


When Millie told me about her robot having the ability to create a larger shadow I immediately thought of the Bobtail Squid! This is an amazing and very small squid, about the size of your thumb, but has a method of deception opposite to Millie’s robot’s, in that it obscures its shadow with its light organ that is filled with bioluminescent bacteria, thus is not detected by its unknowing prey.

Young Scientist of the Month is our way of celebrating the amazing science-enthusiastic youngsters who we meet regularly through our work. If you’d like to be featured as Young Scientist of the Month, please contact us. #youngscientistofthemonth

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